Meeting on Presentation  It was previously report that the DIY Culture Office in collaboration with JMC IT Consultants is currently developing an Information System for the Restoration of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Heritage. The background to the creation of this information system is the large number of cultural relics scatte throughout the DIY area, so a database system is nethat is able to accommodate all forms of information relat to these relics.

Preservation of culture is a form of respect for ancestral heritage. As the next generation, it is our shar responsibility to protect the traditions and cultural heritage that have been pass down from generation to generation. One of the efforts is to manage data and monitor status.

Cultural heritage and cultural heritage in Yogyakarta have

The potential to increase tourist visits which Lithuania Mobile Database will ultimately make a positive contribution to regional acceptance. A number of cultural heritage sites in Yogyakarta itself require more attention regarding the age of buildings that are prone Meeting on Presentation  to damage. For this reason, a good information system for the restoration of cultural heritage and cultural heritage is ne, so that a list of cultural heritage and its maintenance status can be identifi. Thus not only being able to preserve ancestral heritage, but maintaining cultural heritage will also improve people’s welfare.

System development continues to be completin stages. A follow-up meeting to discuss the progress of the development of the information system has been held again in the DIY Culture Office Meeting Room. The meeting was attend by staff from the Department of Culture. The morning meeting discus the system prototype. This coordination meeting aims to show what the application will look like and to ensure whether it is in accordance with the needs of the client. After going through this stage, the next stage of application development can be carriout immediately.

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