Do You Have Trouble Finding Time to Read a Book? to Take New Sales Improvement Courses or Stay on Top of the Main Market Trends? THERE However, for Many Sales Professionals , Finding Free Time to Hone Skills Can Be a Challenge. the Sales Executive ‘S Hectic and Hectic Routine , Despite . Being Challenging, Cannot Be an Impediment in the Search for Training. Currently, There Are Easy Ways to Acquire Knowledge While Engaging in Other Activities — Through Audio Content, for Example. in This Way, We Have Separated . Eight Podcasts That Address Topics Related to the Sales Area in Order.  to Bring Together the Main Trends in the Market, Bringing Insights , Debates and New Techniques.

Check Out Da Venda Podcast by Dna De

Did You Know That Sales Dna Has a Podcast ? Launched in 2021, the Idea Is to Bring Weekly Discussions About the Science of Selling to the Market. Through a Relaxed Conversation, Lucia Haracemiv, Our Ceo, Welcomes Guests for a Chat with Tips, Insights , Challenges of the Profession. and the Latest Trends in the World of Sales. There  Canadian CFO Email Lists You Will Find Episodes About the Main Retail Trends , Simple and Complex Sales, Sales Operations and Various Specializations in Sales, All in a Relaxed Way. Want to Know What the Ceo of Sales Dna Thinks? Choose an Episode Below . Masters of Scale, with Reid Hofmann Presented by Reid Hofmann, Masters of Scale Brings Diverse . Stories and Teachings in a Relaxed Way.  Offering Great Insights for Sales Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Leaders. in Addition, Hofmann Is a Writer and a Leading Investor in Silicon Valley, Co-Founding Linkedin.

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The Program Features Several World-Renowned Guests

Watch a Podcast Episode Featuring Tyra Banks and the Importance of Personal Marketing. the Sales Hacker Podcast by Sales Hacker.  Which Sales Professional Does Not Know Sales Hacker, the Largest B2b Sales Blog in the World, an American Company, Which Has No Relation with a Brazilian Homonym (Of the Same Name), Right? This Platform Is Well EC Lists Known to Anyone Interested in the World of Sales and Marketing. Hosted by Sam Jacobs, the Sales Hacker Podcast Has the Purpose of. Bringing Guests to Talk About the Hottest Trends in the Market. Some Topics That Can Be Found There Are Lead Generation , Sales Operations, Crm, Customer Success, Sales Psychology, Etc. Gv Cast, with Flávio Augusto Da Silva Gv Cast Is a Program Presented by Flávio Augusto, Founder of the Wiseup Franchise Network.