For most of modern history, the art of selling has been primarily reactive.

While salespeople can be proactive about reaching out to customers, they must learn more about the person before they can customize a new sales offer.

Sales intelligence is a relatively new field that allows businesses of all sizes to capture customer information and utilize that data for a better sales experience.

Best of all, when done correctly, leads don’t even know they’re providing valuable insight, meaning they’re often more receptive to your customized sales pitch.

Sync marketing and sales departments

For some reason, the marketing and sales departments are rarely on the same page about anything.

Typically, marketers will Ws Data promise the moon, and it’s up to sales reps to temper customers’ expectations accordingly.

When there’s no communication between these departments, that can lead to chaos for both clients and workers behind the scenes.

Fortunately, sales intelligence offers a quick and easy way to synchronize these departments. Marketers can use a sales intelligence tool like Ion to create promotional content, such as quizzes or surveys.

Sales reps can collect the information gathered from the marketing team and make more strategic decisions about what to promote to different customers.

Since all the data is collected and stored within the same system, and since that system is synced with a CRM program, there should be no disconnect between departments.

Imagine your marketing and sales teams working collectively to improve your brand’s bottom line

Discover your market potential

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With the right sales intelligence tools, you can interact with a broader selection of people from different demographics.

Then, as you gather details from each group, you can determine whether there are opportunities within more niches.

For example, you may be focused on catering to single mothers, but your products or services may also appeal to parents with three or more children.

By gathering as much data as possible from more IG Users people, it’s easier to develop customized content and sales materials to reach each group.