With a limit of 10 minutes for videos and no advertising, how is this a good thing for brands right now? To answer this question, lets just take a quick look back at where instagram’s popularity has come from.

In its inception, this was a fantastic platform to display photos and later videos to highlight products and services that businesses have to offer.

As it continued to grow, instagram was gaining user attention and decided to try and steal a part of the game from snapchat by implementing instagram stories to the top of the homepage. Suddenly, businesses could offer flash sales and promos which drove business and user engagement even more.

Following these stories came live video. This raised engagement and even interaction with popular instagram personalities. Then within the last year alone, the rise of instagram video has lead to the social media platform hitting the 1 billion monthly users mark.

Brands can have the engagement of their audience from a single location

They can display product photos, show quick highlight videos, and offer flash sales. By introducing long form vertical video, they can also offer in-depth engagement.

Gone will be the days of redirecting people to different apps and websites. From now on it will all be in the same place which is more likely to keep users engaged and active.
When it’s all said and done, the success of a marketing campaign comes down to the dollar signs. And if using online videos in your advertising strategy can add another zero to the end of your profit margin, then is there really more I need say?

Marketers who use video grow their telephone list revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Whether you choose to use videos for seo, advertising, or lead generation – the numbers don’t lie. So like I said at the beginning of this article – videos have taken over the online environment. Now’s your chance to leverage their influence and grow your business.

Before you go out and start paying for a professional video

Take a second and think of what you’re planning on using if for. Just like any piece of content, your video should speak to your audience. Take the time to sit down with your team and discuss all the different ways you want to incorporate videos into your marketing strategy.

Once you have this information, start thinking IG Users about your resources. Are you able to create any of these videos in-house? Simple videos can still be useful in a marketing strategy. If you’re interested in learning how to create and distribute your own online videos, click here to download our video marketing checklist.

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