How to Promote 1-3 Month Merchandise Has Started Selling

How to Promote  Several steps to promote merchandise have been implement but none of them have clo even though they have been running the promotion for months. Does this include in vain? Or the product actually does not have many devotees?

The key to success as a product seller entrepreneur is not only seen from the quality of the goods, but how to promote their wares so that they are more widely known. So don’t be surpris, there are more than one new brand that has just appearbut can sell its products beyond the old, well-known brands.

It is better for novice entrepreneurs to follow

The latest trends in marketing techniques, that Nigeria Mobile Database way you can sell products more broadly, effectively and in a more modern way.

In the following, there are 4 product promotion techniques that are quite effective in today’s times, and support beginners to become closing within 1-3 months. Here are some of them

For those who can’t sell online, try to get to know social media first, like Instagram, Facebook and others. In an era that is growing, at least someone is requir to follow the next thing because at this time many prefer to order online rather than visiting the physical store.

Instagram / IG is one of the most popular social media at the moment, almost everyone has an Instagram account. Some of the content contained on Instagram is too diverse, including news, viral issues, videos, photos, entertainment and so on, but while many people are using Instagram as a place to sell, Instagram’s features include providing “Instagram Ads” paid advertising.


By bringing product content into your account. make it regularly at least once a day posting product photos. Next, this is an example of selling Instagram

Fill in the content of each product photo at least including

Cell Phone Number List

Use a hashtag or a “#” sign at the end of a sentence. The hashtag function is very important for targeting customers to get potential visitors and customers and IG Users the most important thing is to look for hashtags that have the most public submissions. An example of a hashtag for one of the whitening cream vendors.

The last step is to try to follow many people, that way it is very likely that you will get a follow back. The greater the number of followers, the more people will see your timeline.

Selling in the Market Place

Selling on market places like Tokopedia, Bukalapak and Shopee can also be used to reach potential buyers. However, in the market place, potential customers still look at competitive prices, the most reviews, store reputation and more. Not only that, in a market place it is basically like a mall market, where shop owners will compete with other shop owners who have the same product.

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