Frédéric fougerat is an autodidact . Who abandoned his law studies to embark on the adventure of free radios in the early 1980s. Ignored throughout his schooling by teachers. He revealed himself in high school, thanks to a french teacher passionate about his style.Who asked him to write, to write a lot… Writing would therefore become an important part of his professional life. Parliamentary mail to the writing of speeches.From corporate communication to the writing of forums… which he will share through his second book “the taste of others, my manager’s recipes”.

This showed us that the demand was very present

Stéphane Truphème and Michel Brébion discuss, in this podcast, the evolution of inbound marketing in France and the methods to adopt for it to work. Re-listen to the podcast to get all the key recipes Antigua and Barbuda Email List for a successful inbound marketing strategy. The Inbound Marketing France event had a very big success during its first edition in January 2018. This showed us that the demand was very present. Indeed, companies increasingly want to develop using digital transformation –a theme that will be addressed during IMF19-. A need for change “Inbound marketing is very mature in Anglo-Saxon countries, Germany and Spain, unlike France. The market has really taken off for 2 years, it’s the time to market.

The key recipes for this to work

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Michel Brébion, CEO Winbound, inbound agency. More and more agencies are deploying this marketing IG Users technique. Indeed, customers are fed up with being constantly canvassed, constantly receiving advertising, they are looking for more human contact, listening, tailor-made. Inbound marketing improves customer relations. What objectives? And what methods to adopt? The key objective of Inbound Marketing is to succeed in acquiring new customers by adapting to their need for explanation and to the customer journey . The key recipes for this to work: It is necessary to advocate the rapprochement between the marketing poles and the commercial poles . An inbound marketing strategy has a lot of virtue because the method makes it possible to align these two sectors.