Brands are continuing to move away from agency of record relationships. Companies should reevaluate their business models and consider productizing their approach. Creating sellable products tailored to clients’ specific marketing needs will help bring efficiency without losing quality and craft. – lisa clunie, joan.

Audit project touch points. Do your projects have five when they need three? As business expands, processes need to be adjusted for efficiency and productivity. Reduction in redundant or overlapping processes can reveal if you are truly understaffed or inefficient. Don’t be afraid to move things (and people) around, make updates and try something new. – bernard may, national positions.

Keep contractors engaged and committed

Even at times when our agency is fully staffed or overstaffed, we always try to feed work to our key contractors, including writers, designers and developers. Therefore, This maintains our relationship with them during both fat and lean times, so buying phone numbers that when we are adding more business than our full-time staff can handle, we still have resources who can step in to manage the workload. – scott baradell, idea grove

For understaffed marketing teams, marketing automation software can be a lifesaver. We recommend finding a platform that’s easy to implement and easy to use. (some options out there have more bells and whistles than most companies need.) add your. Therefore, workflows and campaigns, then set it and forget it and allocate your newfound resources to more strategic tasks that can’t be automated. – sarah mannone, trekk.

 Implement marketing automation

Therefore, Adopt a “yes we can” mentality. This begins with action. Encourage—if not require—your employees to take risks and think IG Users outside the box. Of course, as an entrepreneur, it’s also important to remember that you must lead by example. If you’re a proactive team player, your example will empower your employees to take on new roles and responsibilities. – david shadpour, social native

Help your team find meaning in the work

Therefore, When a team is understaffed, it’s easy for communication and vision-casting to get left behind. But studies show millennials value meaning in their work. Communicate alignment with core values, explain the “why” behind initiatives and requests, and put your people first in word and action. This will help you keep turnover at a minimum and spark the intrinsic motivation key to sustainable productivity.