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And although I had never done it in my Empowering Product life, I took the plunge and started doing live shows every weekend in the morning. Another person (as is partly normal) might have thought that it was better to spend those mornings resting, but I was still (and still am) obsessed . This way of seeing life is part of what I want to convey to you with this post. Appearing on DinoRANK’s live shows every weekend had a kind of snowball effect and more and more clients began to reach me. At the end of the day, if you think about it, it is a great showcase, because what.

Continued to combine all Empowering Product this with my work as an employee

I did within those live shows was precisely industry email list what my job as an SEO consultant is also: analyzing websites (example of one of those live shows ) . I continued to combine all this with my work as an employee, but the balance began to weigh more on the freelance side. As I had the possibility of reducing my hours, I went from working 7 hours to 5 hours a day. This gave me two more hours to dedicate to what was really worthwhile, which was my business.

Of course my answer was a RESPONSIVE YES

Although I continued doing websites and IG Users SEO for my clients, one day Dean told me that there were businesses that contacted Blogger3cero asking to do their SEO , and he offered me the option of taking on some of those projects. Of course my answer was a RESPONSIVE YES. And this is where my great liberation comes, because this made the balance finally fall towards my business. Just at that moment they announced that they were going to carry out an ERE in my company and that they were asking for volunteers. I assure you that I have never filled out an application faster in my life.

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