Are you looking for examples and ideas to design a Landing Page? Not sure what elements you should include? Are so many blocks really necessary? Discover the answer to these and other questions in this post about essential elements for a successful Landing Page . Open close. Open close. She couldn’t keep her legs still. This morning again of “tests” and nerves on the surface. Look, I try to calm down, to breathe with half a hole in my nose because the rest is blocked with allergy shit… But nothing. I’m on edge. I look at the clock and see that there is still 1 hour left before leaving. Hearing myself think of “still”, I remember what Jandro said in the interview with Víctor Martín in The Success Academy: don’t say I only have X time left, say I still have X time left. Powerful preposition change (a ante bass fits with) or whatever you want to call it. Anyway…

8 Key Elements for Landing Page Design

Without further ado, I’m going to go straight into telling you some key elements for the design of Landing Pages . If you dedicate yourself to designing or if you want to make a mockup of a Landing Page, start by placing these category email list elements and you will see how cool it looks. OK? Come on, let’s go! [piopialo vcboxed=»1″]Do you want to create a Landing Page? Well, you must combine these elements…[/piopialo] A header that seduces If I translated very literally from English I would say something like “the killer headline”… Americans call it “Killer Headline” which is nothing more than a shocking value proposition, a seductive first impression. It is the first point of contact with the new visitor and must , in just a second, capture their attention, increase their interest and be clear about the benefit it offers .

A very persuasive subtitle

This is something like seduction by evidence. If in the first second you have managed to IG Users capture my attention, with the title/header, then you will have earned a couple of extra seconds to seduce me even more . How do you plan to do it? Well with the subtitle. The subtitle is a continuation of the header whose main function is to complete it with just the right information so that you want to know more. In the case of Todoist, they have chosen to use the Social Proof phenomenon , noting that millions of people trust Todoist. You can also continue or complete the previous sentence or simply justify your value proposition further.