Declaring: an invoicing tool to put your business on autopilot. When I started my life as a freelancer, I had to choose between doing the accounting myself or hiring an agency, whether online or one of the traditional ones. In both cases, it was a matter of recording the invoices issued and received, submitting the quarterly ones that were due and, back in April, when the whole rent mess began, starting to pray that I wouldn’t have to pay too much. The only difference between the options available was who kept track of the invoices and filled out the tax forms (me or my manager). And whether the communication was by telephone or digital traditional or online management.

What is Declaring and what is it for

What is Declaring and what is it for. Declaring is online tax advice , but automated, and with experts behind it. What does that mean? Well, it is not a simple agency that does your accounting and presents your taxes, nor is it a traditional tax advisor. It is a tool in which you can generate your invoices and record your expenses, in addition to filing your taxes in 2 clicks . And yes, it’s literally 2 email database clicks. Up to this point you might think that it is not too different from any billing program or a normal online agency. But I’m going to explain to you what’s interesting about it.

Record your expense invoices to save more

In case you didn’t know, deductible expenses are the real key to tax savings for a freelancer. All that money you spend on digital tools, equipment, training and courses has its return. And the best way to ensure that you don’t miss a single one is to register them in an accounting platform. You can do this in other billing tools, but the good thing about Declarando is that each expense you record is reflected in the forecast of taxes that you will have to pay next quarter or even next year. In addition, you have an expense IG Users advisory module that you can use to discover new deductible expenses, whether you can deduct a certain expense and under what conditions you have to record it.