Many aspects that revolve around the worker’s well-being: Efficient internal communication Environments that are pleasant to live in, safe and suitable for the type of work Provision of benefits (examples: company car, programs for parents, meal vouchers, participation in events, gifts) Flexible time management (smartworking, remote working) Employee involvement in company plans Possibility of making a career Once you have creat a workplace where employees want to stay longer, you can move on to highlight the brand’s vision and values ​​outside the company .

Corporate communication becomes the main tool of

Employer branding, but it must be associat with great employee involvement and the use europe email list  of digital mia . Why do employer branding? The advantages! The commitment made to improving the workplace and branding operations brings benefits to the company on three fronts: Employee loyalty Attraction of new talent Increase in customers and sales An employer who is attentive to the nes and psychophysical well-being of workers creates a strong and motivat team around him who will promote the brand and work to make the company grow.

This positive effect also easily extends outside a successful

People-orient company, so it becomes a target for high-profile professionals . The advantage of employer branding that is often overlook is the one relating to customers. Even if marketing strategies, in this case, focus on the company’s employees and potential collaborators, the effects of communication also reach potential  IG Users ,customers and already loyal buyers , who will be inclin to buy from a successful company and able to enhance their human capital. New call-to-action TweetShare Riccardo Pavanello Written by Riccardo Pavanello Project Manager and Social Sea Specialist. He bases his business on organizing communication projects for companies, especially when it comes to advertising through social networks. Statistics, numbers and audience targeting are the foundations of her work to bring hot leads to companies through the Direct Marketing system.