While the following is not a community service announcement, it is important. Have you checked to see if your transition to GA4 affected your Google Ads account(s)? If your Google Analytics and Google Ads UA accounts were previously linked. You need to migrate your Google Ads account to link with Google Analytics. Next, you’ll likely want to import your Google Analytics. Conversions check if your for bidding and/or add Google Analytics audiences to your campaigns or ad groups for remarketing purposes.

Track to Google Ads

Google Analytics 4 uses data modeling and machine learning to. Collect information previously provided by browser cookies. So that one can continue to generate reports executive data on campaign and website performance while respecting consumer privacy. GA4 unifies data from websites and mobile apps into a single reporting view to measure user journeys. Interactions across apps, devices, and websites as people move to conversion.

 Difficulties in tracking

Although Google Analytics 4 is a powerful tool for measuring. The performance of your marketing initiatives. There are some challenges to tracking ROI. The average lead-to-close IG Users time for B2B companies is 102 days, while in GA4. The maximum attribution window for acquisition conversion events is 30 days. Additionally, it does not currently track offline transactions and conversion values ​​are not dynamic.