Take care, Do you know how to keep the health of your Fan page under control? If you cannot increase the visibility and engagement of your publications despite accumulating more fans on your business page every day, your answer to this question will most likely be negative. Precisely thinking about how to help all those who have this difficulty, for this 39th guest post I have the collaboration of my friend Tatsuyoshi Hattori . To do this, Tatsu has prepared an article for us in which he shows us what things we have to take.

Connecting audience

Measuring the health of our email leads Fan Page and gives us some advice on how to improve it. How to Take Care of the Health of Your Facebook Fan Page? The health of your Fan Page will thank you! It’s something that happens: we get carried away, create a Facebook page and try to plan everything. We fill out the corresponding fields on our Fan Page, we start publishing content and our community is growing. We are happy because the fans are increasing and the likes are increasing, but little by little, as that number increases.

 Improve conversation

Organic reach of our Fan Page IG Users decreases. We don’t know why, but come on down! We blame the social network for its selfishness: “it just wants us to check out thanks to Facebook Ads . ” And it is partly true, it is not a free platform as we think, but in any situation there are two parties and each of them has its portion of responsibility. Does your fan page have iron health? How to know? Does Your Fan Page Have Iron Health?Does Your Fan Page Have Iron Health? People? Yes: people. That is the basis of everything.












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