5 Small Capital Business  Studying while working is a perfect way to prepare for an independent life in the future, at least there are 4 reasons why students, especially informatics majors, must start a business while studying:

Collecting a portfolio for stock later after graduation

Build a big tech business early on. There are many, for example, large technology companies that were built from college days, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple are examples.

Developing abilities comes from material obtained in college. Knowledge is not understanding, to know knowledge, we must practice, so this is where the importance of practicing side jobs while in college

Build relationships. There is a saying, human quality is seen

The quality of its relationships. It is very Kazakhstan Mobile Database important to build relationships and personal branding from the start, look for as many relationships as possible while still in college but always remember that there are not only a lot but also quality ones.

Here are 5 business opportunities with small 5 Small Capital Business  capital that are suitable for informatics engineering students

IT Maintenance Services
This is a long-term business that will really support many companies, especially small and medium companies that don’t yet have their own IT team. Help SME companies around you to maintain and manage their IT resources such as maintenance of servers, computers, WIFI equipment, routers, absent machines etc. You can provide monthly rates for routine maintenance.

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Website Development Services
Website creation services are the most popular services in the IT field. Site creation services have requests for more than 14,000 (source comes from Google) every month and are still increasing. And even then it has not been counted with enthusiasts who do not track on Google. You can build a site with a popular framework like Laravel or use WordPress, the CMS used by more than 30% of websites in the world (source). If you don’t have big capital to buy expensive premium WordPress plugins, you can join IWS which is a particular service for novice developers who still don’t have enough capital to buy some tools to facilitate website development.

Selling tutoring services is the easiest way to earn extra

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Income and also to build relationships. You can open private tutoring for elementary, middle and high schools.

Selling IT Products (Computers) + Installation Services
Another business opportunity that is very suitable IG Users for students majoring in Informatics engineering is to sell a variety of IT needs 5 Small Capital Business  such as commuters, laptops, attendance machines, CCTV, routers and complete with installation services. This will hone your skills and also generate a lot of income.

IT training
Make offers to companies around you to improve the quality of human resources, especially knowledge and understanding of the world of IT. You are also able to work with other students majoring in communications to support you in holding training events.

Those are 5 business opportunities that you can try to implement. Hopefully increase your insight and inspire you.