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Will be available without having to convert. Blog posts for example are a type of content available without the need for conversion, which will help increase your online authority and may later direct your visitors to bait content. Some content that may be available in the form of bait are eBooks, web. spreadsheets, tools, templates , and so on. It is worth noting that for each type of content there will be a more appropriate form of publication, so not always, for example, the eBook is the best option. CLICK AND SEE: SELLING ON SOCIAL NETWORKS, WHAT IS THE IDEAL CONTENT STRATEGY? Have a publishing calendar For digital marketing that delivers results, planning is everything . For those just starting out, you can create a simpler calendar, with one publication per week.

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Of generating recurring traffic on the site, and rich content (which asks you to fill in forms) per month. In this list of publications, define who will be responsible and deadlines . It is important that you have someone responsible for your content strategy, as in addition to going deeper into your company’s objective, you will also be able to control the quality Korea Phone Number Data and deadlines of publications. For digital marketing that works, promote your content There are several ways to promote your content. See some of them below: Website – In addition to blog posts, remember to place links to rich materials, those that ask for form completions, in a visible place on your website. There may also be a specific tab for this type of material. Email marketing – Several of your contents can be used for your customer base as well.

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In addition, if you want to create specific content for leads and customers, you can create a specific email marketing campaign. Social media – Promote your profile on different social networks, for example LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. The objective is to replicate the content differently on each of these platforms, taking into account EC Lists the type of language and communication on each of them. Paid media – In addition to free media, there are also paid media. Like ads from Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. A good tip is to direct these ads to pages with lead capture, and avoid sending these people to pages without offers. Customer Success is a corporate term used to designate the guarantee of customer success. And this good result comes from the strategic digital marketing.

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