Netshoes Netshoes revolutioniz e-commerce in Brazil, taking seriously the idea that the customer comes first — and is always right. This made Netshoes easier to sell products that, at the time, were still difficult to sell online: sportswear and footwear. When leads became more confident when completing a purchase because they knew they could request refunds, make exchanges (whether because they didn’t like the product or the size didn’t fit them) or return products due to dissatisfaction and regret, Netshoes made millions of reais and encourag Brazilian population purchasing online . Texaco With more than 100 years in the automotive market, Texaco fac difficulties selling Havoline lubricants in 2016 — when most of the profit from this Additionally it line came from authoriz distributors in Brazil.

The solution to sell more was Inbound Marketing

The solution to sell more was Inbound Marketing : using a blog to talk about topics specific to the line, Texaco answer the most common questions from leads — which increas the volume of people looking for distributors for oil changes, and for greater understanding about lubrication in an automobile. itora Companhia das Letras When the publisher mov from selling books to promoting special data literary culture — reading as a very important hobby for the formation of a healthy pAdditionally it ersonality — it embark on a new mission: convincing more people to read (whether it was the publisher’s books or not ).

Distributing material even on social networks little

To reach new leads, Companhia das Letras stopp talking just about new releases and Additionally it embrac the entire literary universe , distributing material even on social networks little explor for this type of investment — such as Spotify — in addition to the classics: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Blue Have you seen the Azul airline YouTube channel? Little is said about planes, travel or ticket promotions . There, the company talks about the importance of finding someone you love, of dreaming, of living with your head in the clouds and of having  IG Users the courage to make the impossible possible — a dilut and sincere way of saying: “We know how you feel.