This helps improve response times while keeping things accurate and consistent. Freshdesk is a cloud-base customer support software by freshworks that helps businesses manage customer queries and issues and integrates with facebook and twitter. It offers features like ticketing. Collaboration. Automation. And self-service. Streamlining support processes for both agents and customers. It’s a solid option if your social presence is limited to facebook and twitter and/or if social media is not at the front lines of customer support for your business. Hootsuite supports a freshdesk integration. With the freshdesk hootsuite app. You can manage your social media channels as well as your support tickets from one location. In the hootsuite dashboard. You can… monitor your ticket fees create. Eit.

Convert Social Conversations to Tickets

And respond to tickets convert social conversations to tickets. Filter by name and date create currently. Freshdesk only works with facebook and twitter. Google business profile brick-and-mortar business owners know that having a google business profile is a key part of the modern customer experience. Though it’s not an all-in-one customer support dashboard. 

It offers multiple ways to b2b leads connect with customers and address their concerns. Including. Helping your business appear in local search results. Enabling potential customers to access essential info like contact details and hours of operation. Providing a space for customers to leave reviews. Which in turn allows you to address their concerns.

Acknowledge Their Feedback

Acknowledge their feedback. And improve your services. This also contributes to your brand monitoring efforts. Featuring a q&a section where customers can ask questions and receive answers from you or other customers. Timely responses can boost customer satisfaction. Letting customers reach out to you directly through messaging. Informing customers of timely updates such as limited-time offers. Holiday hours. 

Business news. And more IG Users through google posts. Google business profile integrates with hootsuite. Manage and respond to messages from the same dashboard you run your other social media customer service on. Save time building an efficient customer support system on social media with hootsuite. Respond to questions and complaints. Create tickets from social conversations. And work with chatbots all from one dashboard. Try it free today.