The similarity between Marketing and relationships

Do you know what Conversion Marketing is ? Are your pages capturing the attention of your visitors? Conversion Marketing and relationships have more in common than we think. In this post we will tell you all this in a fresh, spicy and very fun way. And we give you the “20 mantras of conversion marketing” The similarity This is a guest article, written by a Crack like Pablo Penadés , one of the people who knows the most about Conversion Marketing. Therefore, you should read it without a doubt, and see how you can talk about a fairly important topic in a fresh and easy to understand way.

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You improve your Conversion Marketing executive data strategy. In this first post that I write on Claudio’s blog, I am not here to act as a psychologist or give you any life lessons (there would be more to do…) but I do want to tell you how life has been teaching me what marketing and relationships share . as a couple and, the more you know yourself as a person, the better marketing you do. A marketing campaign, as a set of concrete and tangible actions in your strategy, must be aimed at achieving a specific and quantifiable objective : get subscribers? generate leads? sell? The same thing happens when you start a relationship: if you are not very.

The similarity about what

Type of relationship you want, you may end up getting carried. Away by the other person, pretending to be someone you are not. And condemning the relationship almost from the beginning, like a chronicle of a death. announced. Are you looking for a “here-I-catch-you-here-I-kill-you” or. Do you want a long-term relationship? Do you want an impulse conversion or a loyal customer? You decide, both are fine if they are aligned with your target IG Users audience, business strategy and content marketing campaigns, but if you let them leave the house without having met your objective,… it will have been time (and money) poorly invested.

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