The first steps deregistration Parts D and E contain statements and instructions about the penalties for providing untruths or concealing the truth: VIN-R – declarations Records and declarations for the settlement of non- procures Using the OSS special procure involves the obligation to keep detail records recording all transions carri out in the OSS. The regulations provide for the obligation to keep such records for a period of 10 years counting from the end of the ta year in which the transions were made.

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To submit quarterly VIN-DO declarations by the last day of the month after the end of the quarter. It is important to remember that in this case the public holiday rule does not apply so there is no transfer to the net business day. If the deadline falls on a philippines photo editor Saturday Sunday or holiday the declaration must be submitt before that day. VIN-R form summary Settlement of transions under the OSS procure is undoubtly a great convenience for entreprenrs both those with their register office in the and those outside the . Using the procure is not obligatory but if you do not do it you must register for VAT in each country of consumption. The VIN-R registration application must be submitt by.

The 10th day of the month

Following the month in which the goods or services cover by this procure were deliver. Using OSS involves additional recording and declaration obligations. Share with others: Up Previous article Who and when can benefit from the relief for Polish Ład pensioners? Net article IG Users What is the perfect competition model? Clause/disclaimer on We encourage you to comment on our articles. Epress your opinion and engage in discussions with other readers. We answer individual questions relat to taes and accounting of users via e-mail chat or telephone – cont us.