Although UX  and UI have similar names. Find Out They are completely different. While one refers to the user’s experience and sensation, the other is directed towards a more rational side of navigation. Web design plays an essential role in the success of any Digital Marketing strategy . The problem is that there is a lot of confusion about what design means or how it should be used in a company’s digital strategy. It is not surprising that companies around the world, the size. Of Nike, Cola Cola, Google and Apple, care so much about this aspect of their products and services.

Find Out What is the Role of Ux Design in Digital Marketing

Imagine the following example. When accessing your website , a potential email leads customer wants to know how to get in touch with one of your sellers . He searches for a long time until he finds a link to the contact page, but the form is broken and it. Takes him three attempts to complete the request for a quote . During the search, he is already probably frustrated. Don’t you think? Probably when facing a problem in the form, he may have become angry or discouraged. The truth is that in a situation like this, most users. Wouldn’t even bother trying to log in three times, like in our example.

What is the Role of Ui Design in a Digital Strategy

If your website does not direct users in IG Users the right way through the interface. They will hardly take the right actions . With that, this sales channel will fail the business objectives . Now, have you ever visited confusing websites that didn’t clearly communicate the. Value proposition or made it difficult to find the information you needed. Well, then you have been in the presence of examples of a poorly designed UI. And a poorly made UI costs a lot, since the almost immediate reaction. Of visitors will be to return to the search engine and switch to another website that offers a better experience.