True paradoxical techniques are used, for example. To lead to a dead end the complaints of customers. Who do not get the Do you attention they expected and have to make new decisions. I’m not going to find a good job in fucking life! I’ve been looking for too long and at most I’ll work the same thing as always and for shitty pay. Besides, this orientation thing is useless!

I think you are absolutely right

I think it will be difficult for you to find something reasonable and you will have to settle for the usual bungles. And I also agree that guidance won’t be of much help to you. If you want, we’ll leave it here so I can dedicate my time to other people, okay? But, man, do you see things that bad? 

Also on I published the second Oriento article that included “dying on a Monday. By Chiquita de la Calaca, which I placed number one in the ranking of jokes on the blog . And that post from two years ago executive data which highlighted the importance of humor and stories applied in professional guidance, also had another “less famous” joke that showed us that although time passes and the years continue to fall, one can decide one’s age. that he has at every moment. It’s a matter of attitude, and convenience.


Do you In short,

The same lips that make good psychology can also be making a little bit of psychology , it’s not always easy and I’m probably the first to fall, so I can’t throw either the first or the last stone. No matter how much we believe that what we say is useful, beyond good intentions we have to verify that people really change with what we say and with what we, as professionals IG Users in professional guidance, coaching and counseling in any field, do. . And that can only be verified case by case, everything else will be mere rhetoric. We are starting the year, so let’s continue celebrating it by moving those lips to sing, for example, with this fun music video of an X Box game: of course, seen in the best television commercials .