Simons soups are wet. Set up a stream on your hootsuite dashboard to track those juicy name drops. You don’t want to miss a chance to respond or repost… or retaliate. I guess. If you’re feeling feisty. E.g.. Birds actually happen to love our soup. Send tweet. Why is brand monitoring important. If you are a monk or tilda swinton. You might have achieve a level of enlightenment that means you don’t care what other people think of you. But for most brands. Reputation and public perception matter. Maintain your reputation brand monitoring keeps you in the know and ready to pounce on problems or boost praise. After all. If someone tweets a compliment but you don’t notice. Did it even really happen.

Keeping an Eye on the Conversation

By keeping an eye on the conversation. You can react without delay. Take a cue from the official duolingo account. Which hastily responded to a history joke in a perfectly snarky. Equally historically inaccurate fashion. Duolingo responding to a tweet with a meme source. Twitter analyze customer sentiment you don’t just want to know if people are talking about you. 

You want to know how business lead they’re talking about you. Brand monitoring allows you to take the pulse to see how customers are feeling and assess the social sentiment. While you. Unfortunately. Can’t send a middle-school-style note that says if you like me circle one. Yes/no/maybe. This may be the next best thing. Ps. In your sentiment analysis.

Watch for Sudden Dives or Peaks

Watch for sudden dives or peaks. And make sure you figure out the source of them. If something you’ve poste has resulte in a sudden dive in brand sentiment. You may have a pr crisis on your hands. In which case our guide to managing a social media crisis may be worth a read. Engage with your customers monitoring can be a valuable addition to your social customer service strategy. 

When you’re brand monitoring. You’re IG Users watching for more than just tagge social mentions. You also want to spot those under-the-radar comments and respond like vitamix does. Vitamix responding to customer tweet source. Twitter add a search stream for your brand name or hashtags on your hootsuite dashboard so you don’t miss a single conversation about yourself.