Seo hotel in sardinia: reuce your dependence on booking.Com on 16 march 2017comments seo hotel in sardinia: reuce your dependence on booking.Com hotel seo applie to tourism web marketing is a useful tool for hotel owners who want to rebalance the degree of dependence on large multinationals. Currently. In the booking service. The degree of dependence of hotels on third parties is 90%. This means that the hotel directly controls only 10% of reservations. The objective of an efficient accommodation facility should be to strengthen its website and reuce the margin of dependence by 50% on large multinationals. Why is hotel seo able to increase online bookings? 

SEO Hotel in Sardinia

The tourism sector is a very competitive sector where positioning on search engines can determine not only an increase in bookings but a real new data possibility of making your hotel known for the online services you offer to customers. How? You can use an seo strategy aime at optimizing only the pages of the site that convert best and making the activities of the accommodation facility visible. This way you have the opportunity to make your brand known. To strengthen your online presence and you are no longer just an ad to be sponsore by booking.Com. Google attaches great importance to content and rewards positioning with seo local. The localization activity. 

What are the main advantages of the Hotel SEO business

In fact. Allows the accommodation facility to efficiently satisfy the user’s search through google my business. What are the main advantages IG Users of the hotel seo business? Taking care of the optimization activity increases the authority of the site because it improves the user experience who will find timely and optimize content for their search. In this way google will reward the website because one of the most important aspects for the search engine is the customer’s user experience. Seo activity results in an increase in traffic on the website. I.E. The generation of potential contacts which in this way can be manage internally reuce the degree of dependence in the management of reservations from large multinationals such as booking.