One of the times I have been most “drilled” with their gaze was during a psychological consultation. On that occasion she had just heard a very catastrophic story; My confidant had told me in detail. All the misfortunes” that, according to him. Had happened to him in recent weeks; He then settled back on his seat, expecting to hear words of consolation, but he was surprised when he heard me say. How lucky we are! What new opportunities are going to arise from this situation! If it had happened differently. We wouldn’t be here today.

Raising these possibilities; Congratulations! Luckily. Events have finally been so clear that they perfectly show us the changes. That must be undertaken: courage. We have to work hard and put all our energies into it! I had not yet finished my little speech. When my interlocutor seemed like he was going to launch himself at me. With the intention of making me react and return to the world of the “sane”!

With a wide smile,

Which I really meant, I said: Perfect! Aren’t you really angry with me? You find my lack of sensitivity incredible and you look at me as if you wanted to kill me. that’s what I wanted you to check! Well, instead of killing me. We are going to use that energy to find the best way out of this situation you are experiencing.

This case, read in Job Offers (thanks, Suki). Does not really reflect the application of a paradoxical strategy. Although it may soon seem that way. Rather. It is a way of rationalizing (also called debating) with the client. Trying to make them see the glass as half full. The strengths and opportunities instead of the weaknesses and problems. Does it sound executive email list familiar to you? It could be said that the psychologist is using something that any of us does very frequently without having to be professional, positive rhetoric, although with the same effects, rather few: that you are bad, nothing happens, you will see how you will get better ; that you have suffered and you don’t feel like doing anything,

I make you angry

And thus show you that you have more energy than you think; that you have lost your job, where is the problem, in a short time you will find another one. We already know that positive thinking sells a lot and IG Users sells well, but even Puneet states that “emotions are not important, when we understand that, life will be easier.” This means that no matter how you feel, the important thing is to do what you have to do .