Social meia and gdo. On 1 march 2017comments social meia and gdo. Every company today must interact with its customers also through digital communication. Being active on social networks serves to strengthen ties and strengthen relationships with an increasingly broader and new audience. Activating a social meia marketing strategy for large-scale retail trade (gdo) is of fundamental importance. But the link between social meia and large-scale retail trade is not yet very profitable. And not only in italy. Social meia and gdo in the unite states. According to a study publishe by retail feeback group. It emerges that american large-scale retail players intensively control all social meia.

Social Media and GDO in the United States

 But do not use them effectively. From the research. It is found that in the unite states. 87% of customers follow at least one social latest database network. Facebook. Which prevails over all. Is use by 89%. Followe by youtube with 53% and twitter with 30%. Of these users. 25% say they follow the page of their truste supermarket. Social meia and gdo in italy: the data. In italy there are few large-scale retail brands that have a considerable number of users on social meia and several brands are still absent. Facebook. Twitter. Youtube are the platforms that see a greater presence. From a recent research. Taking into consideration only the official national pages on facebook. The lidl italia chain is in first position. 

Social Media and GDO in Italy: The data

 Lidl wins in terms of number of fans. One of the first chains to create an important activity on digital communication channels. With 1.9 IG Users million fans it is in first place in the rankings. Far ahead of all the others. In second position is the carrefour page with one million users. While eurospin reaches 629 thousand fans. Also on the podium were conad and auchan with 350 thousand fans. Esselunga with 306 thousand. Crai with 62 thousand. Coop with 54 thousand. Analyzing. However. Another very relevant piece of data. Which interests us most in order to evaluate the effectiveness of content marketing and the relationship between social meia and large-scale retail trade of the various brands analyse.