And analyzes the needs, desires and needs of individuals , entering the context in which people live and act in order to satisfy the consumer. Linda Armano is one of the researchers who has combined these two very different disciplines.

Anthropological Marketing is an interdisciplinary

Approach, between marketing and anthropology, which uses strategies and techniques that combine qualitative research with market study, in order to better understand the consumer from a cultural point of view. Indeed, according to anthropological marketing, culture has a greater influencefrom  Whatsapp Mobile Number List acc than psychology, or rather, one influences the other. This means that Anthropological Marketing evaluates the person and her consumption based on the cultural context in which she is immersed. We all know that a brand or a product conveys values ​​to us. And we like that brand or product as much as we like the status symbol we are going to represent if we associate ourselves with them.

Since when did anthropology start

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to be important for marketing ? Already in the 90s Philip Kotler, onreatest management gurus,  introduced the change of marketing from “ product oriented ” to “ consumer oriented ”. This he meant that marketing had to stop thinking about selling products and had to start satisfying improve IG Users your the needs of consumers. In the 20th centalking about ” human to human ” marketing, that is, the company must be human to sell to humans, because  it is the relationships with people that work in selling.


In the field of user experience , or the subject that studies how to build a website that works, qualitative research. We are talking about user testing, projective techniques , focus groups , brainstoriming and so on, all techniques for understanding how consumers behave. Now the user experience is moving to much higher levels. Not just to marketing, but to sociology and digital education .