Let’s see, my dear, but don’t you know what’s happening a lot on Facebook and Instagram? Videos? No, too much movement. Images? Ugh, too boring. So? Post Cinemagraphs … Hoooola! How’s that going? How about you doing? Good? Come on, say yes, I’m sure you have that joy typical of spring, which alters. Stunning Facebook the blood and lifts your spirits… or which makes you calm with the heat, makes you sneeze with the pollens or makes you cold with the sudden cold… It’s according to you. got it, right? In any case… Let’s go with joy! I’m more on that side, on the joy of warmth and new challenges and things to tell.

How to Among them today's post

Which is something industry email list that I have been seeing for a long time. That I really like and that I wanted to share with you so that when you make Facebook Ads ads they look so cool. That those who see them cannot resist the attractiveness that you project … I know it.. That is achieved with Cinemagraphs, which are… come on, let’s get to the post. Although I have been watching cinemagraphs for a long time. I have to admit that to make this post I will have seen about 50 or 60 different ones and. I have been able to observe that some can be much more striking than others .

If we think about it, attraction comes when we observe movement in an image that, a priori, we expect to be static. To achieve this, what we need is for a living element to appear in. The image, such as a person or an animal, and for it to remain static .

Stunning Facebook In this way

In the first second in which we see IG Users the image , since what should normally be in motion is still, we interpret it as a static image . TRUE? Well, that’s when, when we see a portion in motion, it impacts us . Cinemagraphs that are, for example, a mountain landscape in which only the water of the river is animated, are not so impressive to me because we do not expect a mountain to move and we do not perceive the beauty of the composition. do you follow me. Now that you know what they are and why they are so impactful, aren’t you able to see the advantage of using them in a Facebook and Instagram Ads campaign? Clear! I didn’t expect anything less from you. Hehehehe. Exact.

Since when we do display advertising we are competing for the user’s attention, the advantage is that we can get much more attractive ads with better conversion rates . And yes, of course, Facebook allows the upload of this technology, whether we do it as a video or if we do it with an animated GIF (better for this case), resulting in ads that impact and capture the long-awaited attention of our potential clients.