In Search Engine archives you can disable the display of indexes such as author or date archives. If you have been running a website for many years then it is also worth looking at older material that may be out of date or simply not of good quality. You can delete them, redirect them to other related topics, exclude them from the index or refresh them and give them new life. Use parameters when linking to other websites remember that you are providing them with some capabilities from your domain. Think about whether you really want to do this. If not, just add parameters to the link.

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This is why most review links are . If not the website owner would completely lose control over which pages the power redirects to and in the case of a large number of Photo Retouching comments this power would be very diluted not to mention the proliferation of spammers. The website has or does not have it? Your website should be consistent. If you choose an address without a prefix please use this solution throughout your website and make sure that the address is redirected to the latter. Otherwise duplicate pages will appear at both addresses.

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These will be duplicate pages i.e. of poor quality. Which option should I choose? It’s okay but you can choose the one with more linking domains. But don’t forget to redirect. Certificates Securing websites using certificates has been important to us for many years. Previously IG Users it was only available to banks now it is available to all parties. If you do not comply with this, for example in , users may be informed of entering an unsafe website. If you don’t handle any sensitive data you can generate a free certificate from your hosting operator. For configuration in you can use. Optimize your images Unoptimized images are often the reason why a website runs slowly.