YouTube is a subscription platform, which begs the question: what drives someone Engagement and approximation to subscribe to your channel? There are two main reasons: the first is because the person likes and identifies with their persona; The second reason is the relevance of your content. When your brand hits these two points, engagement begins. Subscribers to your channel, after identification, initiate engagement movements: at first, they just watch the videos and subscribe. Followed by this first movement, the engagement begins, the subscriber starts liking, sharing, adding your video to favorites or to your playlist. The higher the level of identification, complemented with relevant content, the greater your engagement. With the growing fever of youtubers and digital.

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Acquired a lighter and more informal air, which can be beneficial for creating bonds with your customers in a lighter and more relaxed way. Using a video platform can make your brand much more human, which Lebanon Phone Number Data generates that identification we talked about above and, since we have people who identify with your persona in the videos, the public tends to get closer. 3. Authority Generating video content can give your brand an air of expertise, did you know that? The act of posting educational and relevant content on social networks is great, but when you have recorded videos talking about a specific subject, people tend to give you more credibility. In addition, on YouTube you can delve into subjects that would be much more laborious to deal with in text form.

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Lectures, answer questions about a certain topic, or even introduce yourself as the person behind the brand. As you build authority through posting videos, you are less likely to receive comments that could disqualify you, because on your channel it will be possible to see everything you say about the subject. 4. Accessibility A survey carried out by the Center EC Lists for Studies for the Development of the Information Society in 2018 reveals that 71% of people who consume online content prefer to watch videos than read materials available on web pages. And that’s what makes YouTube so promising for digital marketing. In that same study, the researcher in charge pointed out that this growth tends to be even greater in the coming years.