Does not Movement games for adults must also be selecte so as not to expose employees to excessive effort. And, for example, individual competitions at the company Olympics should be adjuste so that everyone can safely complete them. The point is that the purpose of integration games is primarily integration, entertainment and team building, and only at the very end the development of physical fitness. Employee team When preparing integration games, we should already know a lot about the group of people for whom we are doing it. Not only the number of participants is important, but also their average age.

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What they more or less do on a daily basis. Coaches who organize integration games should also know whether the individual people have known each other for a long time or whether it is a completely new team. We recommend Event agency – everything you nee to know about it In the case of people who do not know each other, the task of the photo editor participants of the game will be primarily to get to know each other. The point is to learn as much as possible about each other and remember the other participants of the meeting.

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The fun of team members with many years of experience can be on a completely different level. For them, movement games for adults may be a bit different. For example, you can offer them competition or adrenaline-triggering activities, such as a rope park, paintball, off-road rally or balloon flight. Integration games in the workplace Integration games in the workplace are rather rare. Unless it’s a specific IG Users training or a planne loose day at work. For example, it may be a meeting with a business psychologist or anti-stress training for the team after a hard period. High tension or replacement.