And on the basis of this awareness. A path has begun that will lead the group to implement interactive tools. Refining the very experience of consumers within the premises. Mariele cusinatti. Retail manager of 12oz coffee joint . Explains how the approach to Depending on whether it is breakfast  in-store visual communication is evolving and what objectives the organization has set itself after experiencing first-hand the advantages offer by digital signage. Index of topics When and why were screens introduc into venues? Any examples? What other opportunities have open up for your department and how do displays fit into your long-term strategy? The choice to supply the hardware and content management

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We therefore immiately felt the ne for a more flexible tool. Which was also beautiful to look at and which increas the value of the venue. The screens do not only act as digital menus: they allow us to upload images and videos. Construct messages that focus on Depending on whether it is breakfast emotionality and above all which can vary depending email list on the opening hours of the shop. Which is open from seven in the morning to eleven at night. Whitepaper health+ the innovative solution for process management in the mical devices sector healthtech telemicine read the privacy policy Enter company email and receive the white paper I consent to the communication of data to third parties belonging to the following product sectors: services (including ict/digital). Manufacturing.

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Why? What was the customer feback and what results were you able to record in terms of sales and turnover? When and why were screens introduc into venues? We install them in november 2016. First in the three cafes that we had already open (the first is the one in front of bocconi university. Inaugurat in may 2016. .) and then in the many locations that have been open in IG Users the last six months. Depending on the space available. We chose configurations of six and eight displays plac above the counter. Clearly visible even outside the store. The reason is simple: paper menus requir constant updates and reprints.