Categorize and So you can already suspect that this is not a superficial conversation. With this in mind, today I want to share with you many of my favorite templates for a Digital entrepreneur or consultant. Now, let’s start looking at that list of the best Templates. Project Time Scale We continue with one of the most useful free Excel templates for projects, especially large projects that require a team of people Europe Cell Phone Number List to be carried out.

Project Time Scale in This Case

We have a Project Time Scale that allows you to organize your projects into phases. And who intervenes in these top people data phases to do the most optimal work. Keep track of deadlines, work times, and more in one convenient and efficient template. 2. Weekly Agenda Weekly Agenda Let’s start with something basic, it is a Weekly Agenda , which is organized in a simple way with the days of the week and the hours.

List of Pending Tasks

In itself, it is a fairly simple resource, but it will come in handy to organize your schedules, after all, organizing. Your time is the first IG Users step to achieving your goals. 3. List of Pending Tasks To Do List We continue with another excellent spreadsheet for those. Who want to organize themselves better, but in this case it is a Pending. Task List , which comes already prepared so that you only have to fill in your tasks.