Bumper Stickers in Other Words

Bumper stickers In other words. Brand monitoring is a holistic look at what is being said out there in the world about you. But also about your industry and your competition. Brand monitoring vs. Social media monitoring social media monitoring is part of brand monitoring but it only focuses on social media coverage relevant to your brand. That could include monitoring for brand or product mentions tagge or not. Relate hashtags and keywords. Or industry trends on facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Tiktok. Linkedin. Etc. Just look at all these people talking about cheetos. Though none of them tagge cheetos canada or  any conversations that are relevant to your business. Really. Social media monitoring is a chance to track valuable social metrics and measure brand awareness.

If You Want a Full Breakdown

This info is super helpful to track roi or test social marketing campaigns. But you can also use this key data to pinpoint trends and insights. Brand monitoring vs. Social listening …which brings us to social listening. Once you actually have all that juicy data from your social media monitoring. You’ll move on to actually thinking about what all those mentions mean.

If you want a full breakdown business email list of social listening. What it is. And how to get starte for free in 3 steps. Watch this video. Tldr. Social listening is the practice of analyzing the intel you get from social media monitoring. What’s the overall online mood. How are people feeling about you. For example. On instagram.

There Are Millions of People

There are millions of people posting about pugs. But do the majority of them actually like pugs. Further digging canine-relate pun intended reveals. Yes. Instagram profile dedicate to pugs source. Instagram once you know how people are feeling. You can develop an action plan. Social strategizing might be a better way to think of it. 

Now that you know what you IG Users know. What are you going to do about it. Brand monitoring vs. Social mentions a social mention is. Essentially. A name drop. Someone has mentioned a person or brand on social media. It could be a positive simons soups are delicious. Or negative comment i wouldn’t fee simons soups to my bird.. Or somewhere in between.

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