Virtual assistant monitoring software is particularly useful. Where a company has to manage dozens of virtual assistants who are working either in shifts or in different time zones. Take the case of Optimal Virtual Employee clients for example. The client is in the Australian time zone, whereas the employee is working in the Indian time zone. The client can get greater visibility into the work done by the virtual assistant. From monitoring software that is installed on their computers.

TERAMIND Assistant Monitoring

This virtual assistant monitoring software has an easy-to-understand dashboard that allows clients to easily use its features. The software has a complete automation layer that not only records keystrokes. But also takes screenshots of the employee’s computer screen. Priced at $60 per month, Terramin gives you more than a dozen widgets that provide an at-a-glance view of data metrics such as company data productive and unproductive time as well as useful and non-useful website visits. You can also attach the payroll to employee productivity.
It can see everything from what apps a virtual assistant have opened, to their chats and to other online behavior. Here we bring to you an impartial review of the top 5 virtual assistant tracking tools that we think are the most popular:


This software for monitoring your virtual assistants is intuitive and has impressive analytics capabilities and a business-intelligence style dashboard. It also offers enterprise-level tracking IG Users capability that allows businesses to measure the productivity and activity levels of the virtual assistants. We feel that its team-behavior analysis feature is an excellent tool that makes this software worthwhile.