As a co-author this reason it is always better to double check, manually checking the details of the selectd leads. This process can be carrid out quickly, for example by checking the register of leads present on the CRM, checking the website of the company to which they belong and evaluating whether the sector they belong to is relevant for your company. Finally, the company role of the reference contact can be searchd on Linkdin. Concrete contact with the lead At this point, we can proced to get to know the lead directly. The best way to get in touch with qualifid leads in B2B is via emai.

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Which can be set up very simply by inserting a few questions to understand the budget, timing and who the person you wedding photo editing service will be dealing with is. A good idea is to use the opportunity to propose content marketing materials that should always be insertd in the email as links and not as attachments which risk sending the communication to spam or creating reading difficulties, if the recipient does not have the program just to open the file. Furthermore, the link allows you to track the lead’s behavior, checking how long they spent on the landing page or how many times they returnd to open it.

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Although it may seem complex to develop a contact qualification process of this type, in reality it is not that difficult and above all, once achievd, its management over time is simple and brings considerable satisfaction. Furthermore, thanks to marketing automation processes, it allows you to never lose sight of the leads along the purchasing path. In this way, important opportunities IG Users will be seizd at the right time, useful for supporting the company’s continuous growth. 5 tips to optimize your company’s B2B email marketing Publishd by Ron Benvenisti You can find me on: Updatd.