So don’t be tempted by disk space, because there are other more important factors to consider. The fact that your hosting provider does not offer you Spain may have an impact, as the fact that you are located in another country may affect the loading speed of your website if most of your audience is in Spain. The same can happen if you are located in another country. Even so, for example, if you are located in a country near Europe, you may not notice much difference.

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It would be worse in Latin America or Asia. Choosing a Non-Spanish Host new data Although I seem to repeat the previous point like a sausage, this is not the case. In this case, your provider speaks Spanish, which will help you communicate with their employees in case you need to contact them for any purpose ( such as technical support. Now, if you speak English, any non-Spanish-speaking provider will use Anglo-Saxon as a safe basic language.

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 Such a file download is called transmission and in this case download. The upload transfer occurs when the data is sent to the website, for example when new content is uploaded to a blog or when someone fills out a form and submits the data. All transmissions consume server IG Users bandwidth. If the hosting plan provides you with lower transmission restrictions, be careful as it may affect the performance of your website and subject you to hosting “.