Post videos on your channel, do lives and the newest function that competes and follows Reels and Tiktok standards called Shorts. TikTok This network that started to gain recognition in 2019 has been growing more and more. It is a social network of videos of up to 3 minutes, where it is also possible to do lives. It became very famous for its dances and challenges, but it is also a great content dissemination tool to promote your work, since the videos are sent not only to people who follow you, but to others who are interested in your type of content. . CLICK HERE if you want to know the importance of videos for social networks. Linke din  is more focused on creating professional profiles. In addition to being a great network for advertising job vacancies.

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Content, creating advertisements, posting photos and videos of your products and services. Blog The blog is mainly a text channel and is essential to have a good position on Google. As it is from there that people will France Phone Number Data find you when they do a search related. To your service. In order for them to reach your blog, it is important that you have some marketing strategies, such as using keywords in the title of your text that your audience may be searching for. But in addition, having interesting and well-written content focused on your target audience is essential to conquer new potential customers. 3- Email marketing It is a channel that makes it possible to send the same message to several people at the same time. He is also very good at distributing content that was created on other channels.

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For his contact list, thus creating a good relationship with his customers and potential customers. Now that you know different channels, read below how to find the best one to distribute your content. The marketing plan is a file that groups the strategies in one place. It guides action plans so that pre-established goals are achieved, thus being an important tool for EC Lists the company’s strategic management. But after all, how to do digital marketing planning from scratch? What is a marketing plan? As previously mentioned, this management tool directs the company’s action plans to achieve its objectives. Marketing planning must be created specifically for the market niche, taking into account the target audience, advertising media and budgetary capacity for the campaigns.