The Auditorium, Cécile van Steenberge , Director of Google Customer Solutions, explains to us the challenges of assistance in responding to new behaviors of Internet users.  Does every business need to adapt to the age of support? Cécile gives you all the answers to the questions you ask yourself about this digital lever of today and tomorrow. Do you want to know how to adapt your digital strategy according to changes in consumer behavior? Read the conference recap article or download this podcast for free! “Transforming or reinventing organizations in the digital age” with Ilham Guggenheim, Managing Director for AKKA DS Transform or reinvent organizations in the digital age “ Digital transformation ”, “ digital transformation .

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These buzzwords have been coming back incessantly since 2015. Between rejection and opportunistic use, between success and failure, between disillusion and hope, what are we really talking about? This Jamaica Phone Number List conference, hosted by Ilham Guggenheim from 11:55 a.m. to 12:35 p.m. in the Carré room 1, offers an overview of this famous ” digital transformation ” and outlines its contours. It will also endeavor to analyze its impact on organizations and individuals (employees, customers, citizens, etc.). Read the article on the conference or Listen to the podcast .”Transforming or reinventing organizations in the digital age”. Did you enjoy the conferences of the Inbound Marketing France 2019 event? Stay up to date with information about the next edition. Which will take place. On Tuesday, January 28, 2020 by subscribing to our event newsletter ! Subscribe to our newsletter.

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A lead nurturing campaign accelerates the time spent in the awareness and decision phases. Concretely, your leads IG Users will receive quality content that will guide them through the conversion funnel. They will then arrive at the decision phase more quickly and you will not have taken the risk of exposing an insufficiently qualified lead to a sales pitch too soon. Why set it up? Nurture prospects through to purchase First of all, lead nurturing allows you to sustain the commitment that has been created between you and a lead. A prospect visits your site and finds the answer to one of the questions he was asking. Perhaps he will not have the reflex to come back to your site next time.