While minimizing the impact on the environment

Tell us about the knowledge you were able to acquire about your prospects. By responding to everyone, by reacting to current events but also by presenting our innovations for example the delivery of flowers without knowing the recipient’s address and our new products for example the Frozen 2 bouquet in partnership with Disney.  How can I improve my ranking on Google? You may be asking yourself these concrete questions and we will do our best to answer them through our audit space.

An event that meets all your expectations

All day long, come and meet experts to audit your website or your digital strategy in 20 minutes. You will leave with a deliverable and optimization ideas to improve your performance. Eco-responsible Costa Rica Phone Number List commitment : The organizing team is committed to guaranteeing you an event that meets all your expectations while minimizing the impact on the environment. Waste management will be at the heart of this eco-responsible commitment. At the coffee stand, no plastic cups! Selective sorting will also be put in place.  Want to join us in our journey To come to the event, consider carpooling, and stay tuned to find out more about our commitments! Convinced by this edition Pre-register for the event without delay to be informed of all the news and the program for this new edition.

It recognizes the most successful inbound

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For the 3rd edition of Inbound Marketing France. We want to go further in the value proposition made to the participants of the event. We are launching the 2020 Best Inbound Marketing Strategy. Award to IG Users reward those .Who move business strategies through innovative tools. It recognizes the most successful inbound marketing strategies, deployed in companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity . These few lines detail the reasons for this award. The Prize for the best Inbound strategy 2020.

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