At Dexem, these telephone leads represent more than a third of our Marketing Qualified Leads! How do you prepare? To take advantage of this mobile opportunity and understand it in your Inbound strategy, here are some concrete tips: 1/ Optimize your website for mobile Your website should be mobile for both Google and your users. By using responsive design or by pushing an AMP version of your website, you ensure optimal referencing in search engines, and guarantee the best possible user experience for your future leads.  Add call-to-action phone calls The telephone is in the hands of your visitors, it would be an aberration not to encourage them to call you.

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Call extensions on AdWords campaigns, in the header of your website and on your downloadable content, don’t hesitate and display your company’s phone number to capture these leads. If many Inbound Portugal Phone Number List strategies exclude this means of contact, it is because they do not know how to integrate them, how to accurately analyze the number of calls per support, etc. In short, how to include them in the calculation of an overall ROI. 3/ Take part in the workshop “How to manage telephone leads for your Inbound campaigns?” Olivier Jaouen, marketing manager at Dexem, offers to explain to you how to manage these leads by telephone during a workshop which will take place from 11 am to 11:40 am during IMF19 “How to manage leads by telephone for your Inbound campaigns?”  . To go into more detail without saying too much.

It is an extremely dynamic sector

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Olivier will tell you about how one of our clients uses Call Tracking to optimize the ROI of his marketing campaigns (digital or not). By leaving this conference, you will know how to measure the number IG Users of calls generated by each of your traffic sources, referring sites or even AdWords ads.Since I have worked with software publishers and Digital Service Companies (ESN), I have never been bored. For good reason: it is an extremely dynamic sector, which constantly requires innovation. New IT players appear every day, the historical players must evolve quickly to progress and keep their place, and this as much in terms of their software and service offerings as their sales and prospecting methods and their good marketing practices .