The IT BtoB sector is therefore at the forefront of developing Inbound Marketing strategies ! In theory, the main principles of Inbound Marketing remain the same Like other BtoB and BtoC sectors, the heart of Inbound Marketing in the BtoB IT sector remains to reverse the “interruptive” model to bring prospects and customers to you . That is to say by generating interest through content that will meet the needs of prospects, and thus being visible in particular when they undertake research actions. The first step is always to understand the real issues and the real objectives of Buyer Personas to position yourself at the right time with the right content, and to create added value. The main pillars are therefore always.

I will not detail all the methods of Inbound Marketing

Be found by a qualified audience and attract it Convince visitors to continue their journey Convert prospects with specifically dedicated content Accompany the prospect throughout his entire Qatar Phone Numbers List purchasing cycle and facilitate the expansion of the audience (social networks, press, etc.) I will not detail all the methods of Inbound Marketing: you will be able to discover all the fundamentals by registering for IMF 2019. On the other hand, we will focus on the practical application of this theoretical approach in the software publisher sector. and ESN in BtoB! Inbound marketing method Inbound marketing  BtoB IT sector: it is in the implementation and the operational plan that the points of attention reside! Due to its recent history, its evolution and its need to constantly innovate and its many specificities, we cannot implement.

The IT vocabulary is very precise and characteristic

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Inbound Marketing strategy in IT BtoB as we would with an e-merchant or a real estate developer. As part of the implementation of an Inbound Marketing strategy and more broadly of a marketing IG Users plan combining Inbound & Outbound , several criteria are essential to take into account: The IT vocabulary is very precise and characteristic. If many sectors use acronyms, the IT BtoB sector is bulimic! Moreover, these acronyms are often essential in SEO strategies and with strong competition, especially in mature markets: ERP, BPM, PLM, SaaS, GED, MDM, CRM, GRC, RMS, PMS, VMS, MSP… Impossible to list them all! It is therefore an essential brick of the Inbound Marketing strategy which requires a mastery of the themes: what are the subjects on which to position yourself.