The technique, and people who are more expert in the heart of business business. We thus achieve an operation based on synergy and collective intelligence. to leave their job for the TO DO. Some companies go further than a one-time telework day, they have chosen to do without offices. This is the case of Zapier, a web service that facilitates automation and connection between different applications. With 300 employees in 27 countries, Wade Foster can boast of concrete feedback! In the early days of Zapier, in Columbia Missouri, remote work was not a topic of discussion between the co-founders but a simple reality.

The arrival of a first employee in Chicago

A project that did not make it possible to earn money or rent offices. As the number of users grew, Zapier became a full-time project and the co-founders integrated an accelerator in California. One of them Indonesia Phone Number List finally made the choice to return to Missouri. The team, which never considered having even an office, then took its first steps in remote collaboration with, quickly, the arrival of a first employee in Chicago and a second in Missouri. The goal? Hire the best people, no matter where they are. Recruit profiles really suited to remote work For teleworking to work, the teams and the progress of the overall project.

The teams and the progress of the overall project

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It is a whole corporate culture that must be nurtured. That of Zapier is based on a common appetite for action and IG Users transparency. Action first, with a posture of curiosity and a get the work done state of mind shared by the employees who are recruited and who contribute to the effectiveness of the teams and the progress of the overall project. Transparency too, because sharing information allows the best decisions to be made even across multiple time zones. When a member of a team is not available because it is 2 am at home,Zapier was then a side-project on which entrepreneurs worked evenings and weekends.