Admit it would be a shame. Is digital not too complicated today? No, it’s not complicated! In fact, it can become so if you are poorly surrounded. Competition in all markets and the technicality of digital means that you have to be efficient in order to succeed, so you can no longer “tinker”. IMF Expert Advice offers the best digital experts to meet the main needs of companies (digital strategy, acquisition of prospects, customer loyalty, branding, etc.) How it works ? It’s quite simple! You submit your request on the website . We propose to build your Inbound marketing & Sales strategy during a one-day workshop, based on preparatory work.

This will allow you to think about your digital

You leave with your action plan! This service is unique in France! It is only possible thanks to the Inbound Marketing Argentina Email List France event which brings together the best experts in a collaborative spirit . Thus, IMF Conseils d’Experts is a very altruistic continuation of the event . The workshops that are currently taking place are very successful with concrete answers. This will allow you to think about your digital strategy or the alignment of your marketing & sales departments and give them solutions and examples. You move the lines of the market and shake it up! Our DNA is viscerally to help and accompany companies.

The optimization of conversion rates

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To develop since always, by passion for entrepreneurship and altruism. So we adapt to a changing and transforming IG Users world. Companies that understand this have great prospects. I quite like this sentence: “Change is never painful, only resistance to change is”! Thank you Michel Brébion, I remind you that you are CEO Winbound expert agency Inbound Marketing and social selling subsidiary of MV Group & the organizer of the international event Inbound Marketing France which will take place on Tuesday January 29, 2019 at the Couvent des Jacobins in Rennes.CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is literally the optimization of conversion rates . This approach is based on digital marketing tools and techniques such as pop-ups, CTAs, A/B testing, personalization, ergonomics, user experience, etc.