We are living beings with souls

It is Indeed a Natural Reaction When It is Difficult. To Forgive Those Who Have Hurt Us.

Because the Subconscious. Part of Our Mind Identifies Threats That Have Been. Made by Others, and in That Way It Controls Our Emotions.

By and Large, This is Done for Our Own Good.

It is an automatic response that aims to help us distance ourselves from people

It is sufficient for us to forgive consciously to make Database sure in our minds that we do not wish to take revenge on them,

Our subconscious mind will continue to give a negative emotional response to these people over a long period of time.

And either we begin to see these people in a new dimension based on positive interactions, or we have forgotten most of the wounds and pain they have inflicted with the passage of time.

If we can consciously forgive people, and we can control our actions towards them — then we don’t have to worry about anything else.

Our focus should be on maintaining a high moral state (through daily recitation of the Qur’an, listening to lectures, and other acts of worship), improving our knowledge, and always striving to be closer to God.

When we improve this aspect worldly things that trouble us will feel less important


We need to know that the subconscious IG Users mind (the emotions we feel towards people) is not under our direct control.

The only way we can influence him indirectly, is to focus on things that can change his priorities so that he stops feeling threatened by others.

And this takes many years.

In the past few years, there has been someone who has really hurt me.

Instead of trying to forgive, I moved on with my life.

I read many books, traveled, experienced many hardships and also many good things,

And in this way, the negative things that I felt towards those people felt no longer important,

Today I can interact with them without feeling ugly towards them.

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