This is also proven, since on average, we see an opening rate of +71% and a reactivity rate (number of people who click on a link in your email after opening) of +152% thanks to the automation of personalized emails compared to sending traditional emails. 3. Learn from your contacts’ expectations Marketing Automation gives you a lot of information about your audience, it allows you to better understand the tastes, preferences and needs of your contacts. Any information relating to your contacts should be taken into account, because this information will allow you to adapt your communication strategy. Thanks to marketing automation, you can bring up behavioral data.

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That will allow you to define the offers/services that your contacts appreciate as well as their level of interest in your Albania Email List site or your solution. You can define who are the most qualified prospects by assigning them a dynamic score (lead scoring) according to their actions. For example, if a contact subscribes to your newsletter dedicated to Alumni, you can increase their score +1 and put them in the Ambassador segment. If he downloads your Executive MBA brochure, you increase his score by +5 on an Exec Student Recruitment segment.

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And if he enters the registration process, then his score will be increased by +30. As a result, you will identify your most IG Users qualified prospects and customers. Thanks to “lead scoring”, you can set up much more targeted marketing strategies. You can, for example, follow up with contacts. At the very moment when they are waiting for advice. Or even reward an alumni who has made recruitment possible. Interact with your contacts marketing automation allows you to contact your prospects. At the right time in their journey with your establishment. For example, contact your new prospects by email. Then qualify them in order to interact with them when they are the “hottest”.