Marketers need to develop stories of all kinds to sell products and their service. Some stories are easier than others, but all are vital in this industry.
Because storytelling isn’t something only for marketers, many lessons can be learned from storytellers in other fields. Read their tips below before you start your next marketing project.

Members share some unexpected storytelling tips they’ve learned during their careers.
Members share some unexpected storytelling tips they’ve learned during their careers.

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The best storytelling advice I’ve received was from a former. Broadcast producer who said, “always start with your best picture. Meaning start with your most compelling idea and then back. Into the rest of the story. This strategy is far more effective in hooking the reader than starting with background information. I apply it to pitches, press releases, bylined articles and everything in between. – jade rose faugno, intermarket.

Start with the most compelling idea

The goal of any marketing initiative is to generate a result and to get your audience to take action and respond to your message. But, they won’t if the message is not relevant to them. In order to develop a strong relevant message, it is important cell phone lists that you understand what is important to them and what their pain points are, and to show how you offer support to solve their struggles. – daniela pavan, the ad store new york.

We all have things that we remember and things we forget. One of the most important aspects of remembering something is making sure that an event is sticky. That means that there has to be some aspect that is so over the top that there is no way it can be forgotten. I learned this when I told a personal story in a speech — this was something that the audience never forgot. – jon james, ignited results.

 Include something over the top

Tell your story in a way that is personal so that the reader can connect with you, but also be sure that you evoke some emotion by adding tension, suspense or joy. Emotion makes it memorable. – korena keys, keymedia solutions.

Storytelling is highly effective in marketing in IG Users that it actually changes the brain’s chemistry. When information is wrapped in a story, the listener is 22 times more likely to remember it. To make your stories even more effective, try injecting the element of surprise. Studies by the neuroscientist gregory berns uncovered that the human brain enjoys surprise even more than things a person likes.