Methodology and advice It is considered that the conversion rate of a classic website would be around 2% . Starting from this base, you can start by measuring the conversion rate of your website and situate yourself in relation to this percentage. Then take inventory of all the calls to action that help you convert your visitors. If these only cover the decision phase (contact request, quote request, etc.), complete them with CTAs in the evaluation and discovery phase. Then optimize them by testing different variants. Before you start.

The measurement of results by web Analytics

Take a structured approach to improving your conversion performance. Rely on: Agile methods; The segmentation Andorra Email List of your personas; Design thinking and UX… CRO tools ( pop-in management, landing pages, AB Testing, etc.); The measurement of results by web Analytics; The Inbound Marketing methodology (it goes without saying). Never give up, CRO is a perpetual restart! This article is taken from the book “ The Inbound Marketing and Growth Hacking Toolbox ” written by Philippe Gasteaud and Stéphane Truphème.This article is from the Moderator’s Blog .

The program for this highly anticipated second

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After the success of its first edition at the start of 2018. The IG Users Inbound Marketing France event invites digital professionals. To meet on January 29, 2019, still. At the Couvent des Jacobins in Rennes. IMF’s project is to publicize the opportunities of digital for the company. Present good practices and give examples of brands. That have developed with these levers. To find out a little more about the program for this highly anticipated second edition. We met Michel Brébion, CEO of Winbound. The event’s organizing agency. Registrations for Inbound Marketing France 2019 are open now ! Tickets are available at a price of 125 excluding VAT, with lunch included.