Show up on Maps and Increase visits to your site

Therefore, For SEO purposes, Google Business Profile can be seen as a kind of Schema or AMP. In 2018, Google updated its Local Search Ranking documentation to include confirmation that performing specific tasks within Google Business Profile, can “maximize how often your customers see your business in local search results. This document explains that you should have as much information about your company as possible, post only accurate and current details, manage reviews, and include photos. From an actual ranking perspective, Google continues to outline relevance, distance, and prominence as the most influential factors.

Why Use Google Business Profile

There are many benefits of fully utilizing your Google Business Profile:

  • More space dedicated to your business on a results page. A full profile, especially on mobile, fills a considerable amount of space on the front page. Want more real estate on page one? Then add everything you can about your business into your profile including photos.
  • A sense of legitimacy and social proof. Having your business information listed directly on Google has whatsapp mobile number list a psychological effect on a searcher/potential customer. First, there is the built-in review function, allowing customers a chance to leave Google reviews for your business or products. These reviews and the respective star ratings show on the SERP. These ratings can also be displayed as Google Ads (formerly AdWords) extensions on PPC ads. Generally speaking, the feel of a detailed Google Business Profile is one of confidence and openness.
  • Show up on Maps and Increase visits to your site.People can search for your type of business plus “near me” and several results by location will show up. By having your GMB verified, you can be part of that local pack and move up as you gain more reviews, update posts frequently, and answer questions. The best part is you can link your website on the listings and call-to-action buttons (e.g. Learn More). These clicks coming from Google Maps are directed to your website or to your GBP Business site. You can set this up (and more) in the Profile Manager.

Compare the two screenshots below

whatsapp mobile number list

Therefore, As you can see, neither profile being presented from the Knowledge Graph is fully completed. Yet the one on the left offers more actionable information about their company. It shows busy opening hours, exact address, phone number, and even “direction” and “call” buttons. It also helps to have Schema markup, an advanced SEO technique, that makes it easier for Google to scan important details about your page.

Therefore, Google Business Profile doesn’t only help you with Google’s search visibility, it also puts you on IG Users the map. Google Maps that is. With the improvement of their Maps application, many users now search directly in the app for business names when they’re looking for directions. If your company does not have a Google Business Profile with the correct address listed, you won’t appear at all.

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