How to use video to sell better

On the occasion of  Tyler Lessard, VP Marketing of Vidyard, a key player in video marketing in the world gave us very practical tips for using video in a sales process. Discover the superpowers of the video! Are you efficient in communicating by email or telephone or chat with your customers?  Video communication has many advantages : it allows you to engage in a truly personal relationship with your prospect or client. We see your face, we hear your voice, you no longer hide behind an email, you reveal yourself! it creates emotion , and emotion creates commitment! Between a long and tasteless email, or a dynamic video.

To explain how to use a tool or explain

Which motivates you the most to call back your contact? it is very educational : we retain much more from a 2-minute Ghana Phone Number List video than from a 10-minute text reading. The powers of video Which videos and which tools? You can exploit the video in different forms and various purposes video messages , integrated into an email to hook your reader screenshots , to explain how to use a tool or explain a commercial proposal sharing of videos of your interventions or corporate videos product or service demo videos “Yes, but it’s complicated…” well, no! With a few easy-to-use tools, you can make quality videos at a very competitive cost. Tyler Lessard cites some classic tools on the market.

The purchasing path of your prospects

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You will also need a basic video editing tool. Here are a few: iMovie, Adobe Rush, Camtasia, Powtoon, Lumen, How to use video throughout the purchase journey? Leverage video purchase journey IG Users Are you convinced? So program a real video strategy, which will respond to the purchasing path of your prospects and customers. In the awareness phase, make videos for social networks, in “Conversation” mode. Publish on your blog or Youtube videos that are answers to the questions that your personas ask themselves (and only to these! “What are…” “How…” “Why…”). Also use the videos as part of an ABM approach.

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