The founders who  The same survey show of salespeople feel that AI automation is making their days number and only of salespeople feel more positive. But what causes these AI problems in sales? This is what the salesperson mention. Sales professionals concern about over-reliance on AI tools AI could be addictive. Although artificial intelligence can ruce the number of low-level tasks, the sales industry still nes the human touch of customers to agree to this. That being said salespeople should have a wide range of skills to be successful and AI is only enhancing their productivity not a replacement. Additionally, there should be a healthy balance between.

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AI-generat work and manual work so sales reps Jordan phone numbers don’t feel anxious when they ne human expertise. Lack of Accuracy AI has always reli on data. It uses natural language processing and machine learning to collect and process large volumes of text or speech to build prictions, analyze sentiment, or uncover insights from massive data sets. Therefore, there is always the risk of artificial intelligence obtaining inaccurate data. This explains why about 100% of salespeople are skeptical about the accuracy of AI and believe that AI-generat content still nes to be check and verifi by humans.

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Privacy concerns and data breaches Among sales IG Users  professionals there are concerns about privacy concerns and data breaches that artificial intelligence may cause. Due to the large amount of information collect and stor by artificial intelligence, data breaches can occur without proper cybersecurity measures in place. Or worse yet, sensitive data may be present as output when using generative AI. This is a major concern governments have taken to increase transparency and allow only ethical uses of artificial intelligence. As a result Italy bann it in March over privacy concerns and the European Commission has propos a legal framework to control AI and monitor its use in the EU market. Once approv it will be the first-ever rule.